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Sandler video sales tips and insights

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Sales Secret #1 Be a Good Decision Maker

A great salesperson is that they are good decision makers. They find a solution that fits and choose it. There is not a long drawn out process of weighing pros and cons. A good decision maker evaluates the situation and decides on a course of action. They aren’t reckless in jumping to decisions but they also do not get mired down in weighing all sides.

Sales Secret #2 No Need for Approval

Successful salespeople have a low need for approval. They don’t feel the need to be liked or loved in a business environment. They are looking to get the job done, not have someone pat them on the back for it.

Sales Secret #3 Comfortable Talking About Money

Sales superstars are not afraid to talk about money. There is no room in the sales process to dance around the topic or worse yet avoid it. The job revolves around money.

Sales Secret #4: Emotionally Detached

Sales superstars are emotionally detached from the sales call. Being emotionally detached allows the salesperson to maintain control and take a consistent rational approach to selling.

Sales Secret #5: Manage Head Trash

Sales superstars manage their head trash. Head trash is the negative beliefs we all have about our abilities, our marketplace, our products, and ourselves. Sales superstars realize that most head trash is untrue and don’t let these negative thoughts affect their behavior.

Secret #6: High Level of Commitment

Sales superstars have a high level of commitment. Commitment is doing the things we know we need to do regardless of how it makes us feel. Sales superstars are dedicated to becoming a great salesperson. When we make a commitment to excel most times we will.

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