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Blake Consulting And Sales Training, Inc. | Owings Mills, MD

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Matt Blake's Sandler Systems training has been foundational for how our organization onboards and coaches our sales team members. By allowing our sales leaders to hold our team members accountable through every step of the Sandler submarine, we've been able to more consistently qualify pipeline opportunities, improve our forecast accuracy, and most importantly SELL MORE. Matt has done a phenomenal job of instilling a common sales language within our organization, and I would highly recommend Matt to any sales organization moving forward.

Zach Lander-Portnoy, Director of Sales, Barcoding, Inc.

Our enterprise software sales team, while experienced, needed a consistent and authentic approach to provide a more efficient, effective, and predictable pipeline. The Sandler method generally resonated with the team, but Matt brought the system to life for us. He developed an approach to learning and practicing the method that fit our short-term needs and provided clear and consistent results. He was able to tailor his training approach to varying different needs of the individuals on my team. I've been in Sales management for many years, and I only wish I'd had Matt's assistance and partnership earlier in my career. That said, I am grateful for the 18 months we have spent with him now. I recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in the Sandler method or to anyone working to develop a more rational, repeatable, and successful sales strategy with the tools necessary to execute effectively.

Scott Gustlin Senior Vice President of Operations

We started with Matt at the beginning of 2020 to jump start our sales processes that had stalled over the past few months. Almost immediately we began to see traction and we drastically increased our sales numbers. We cannot recommend Matt enough.

Michael Hammelburger, Director of Business Development, PL Consulting

As the owner of a small boutique recruiting firm that has been primarily built on referrals and personal relationships, I came to realize the value and necessity for putting a reliable sales process and system in place to allow us to continue to grow. As often happens fate stepped in, and when we relocated our offices in early 2019 our new next door neighbor happened to be Matt Blake. After getting to know Matt, and subsequently setting a few discovery meetings with him, we made the decision to engage Matt to train our sales staff, as well as the owners, on putting a repeatable, reliable sales process in place. The results have been better than we ever expected. Matt is a true sales professional who also brings a business owner's perspective to the table and makes all of our discussions relatable and impactful to our company.

Gary Ditto, Founder and President, Who - a staffing company

As a flooring contractor and being the main sales force of the company, it was such an awesome investment for our company. I was fortunate enough to have one to one training with Matt Blake and the Sandler Training was such good sales training for our company. We all think we "can sell and can convince customers to buy".. boy aren't we all wrong. Matt Blake opened my eyes to why some people are good at selling all the time and its all effortless. What I learned the most is that you have to use a system which I have adopted too and have definitely cut out all the unnecessary sales leads and used that time chasing leads that are worth my time. I highly recommend Matt Blake and the Sandler Training to everyone who sells to the customer. It will definitely be worth your time and investment.

Monica Chiduza, President, Shumba Floors & Construction

Learning is a life long pursuit. Matt Blake is a seasoned, professional coach and teacher who has helped me focus on improving my approach to business development and professional growth opportunities. Even though I am an experienced business professional, I am learning new skills and techniques and I am holding myself accountable for my own behavior, as a result of working with Matt. He's a champion listener who asks targeted and meaningful questions. Matt is a student of the Sandler sales system himself, applying thoughtful skill and technique in his daily interactions. He is consistent in his approach and leads by example. Matt is always well prepared. His classes are organized and well executed. He is goal oriented and accountable. Matt becomes your partner when you contract to work with him. Matt cares about results, not simply sharing his wisdom.

Lauren Esakoff, Partner, Vice President & Director of Sales, JMORE

In a relatively short period of time, my selling confidence (not to be confused with personal confidence as that is not lacking) has increased dramatically. Although I am a newbie to the Sandler system, my recent calls, meetings, negotiations, etc. have all been vastly different than what I have been experiencing over the last 25 years of selling...You (Matt Blake) not only talk the talk, but you certainly walk the walk.

Andrew Veliuona, Vice President, Sales, ResWare

Over the last 20 years as a commercial real estate broker, I have participated in many sales solution workshops. Matt Blake and the Sandler mission is by far the most comprehensive one I have completed. I have taken valuable tools and applied them to my daily practice.

Matthew Haas, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

I found it refreshing as someone who has been in sales for 18 years to review some of the things I have already been doing and to learn a few new insights. The best are always learning and I definitely took a few items that will help me in my day to day sales approach. Thank you for the excellent training.

Bob Frey, Exit Results Realty

Matt is an amazing coach and teacher. He is highly experienced in his trade and speaks from real life experiences. He can relate to any business and assist with any business challenge. Matt has a great ability to help his clients build the necessary confidence in their abilities. Selling can be challenging so having someone like Matt to teach the necessary tools has been invaluable to me. I would recommend that anyone trying to improve their business should work with Matt.

Grant Wasch, Principal, Team Wasch

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